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Condensation countermeasures Condensation control

February 13 1411 Views

Condensation countermeasures Condensation control

About effect

Condensation is suppressed and a comfortable living environment is realized by reducing the transfer of heat that causes condensation. Condensation is a phenomenon that generally occurs when heat in the air passes through windows or walls. is. Since the coating film of GAINA has the property of adapting to changes in ambient temperature, the coating surface coated with GAINA approaches the same temperature as room temperature. As a result, the difference in temperature is reduced and the heat transfer is reduced, resulting in the effect of suppressing the occurrence of condensation.

Condensation control case

Type housing complex
Area Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture
Construction location Interior

485 series underfloor box

Type Equipment box
Area Aomori Prefecture
Construction location internal
  • Aomori ↔ Tunnel connecting Hokkaido
  • Total length of about 53.9km
  • The environment inside the tunnel is 20 ° C and humidity is 80 to 90% throughout the year.

Adiabatic effect makes it difficult to lower the temperature and suppresses condensation