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GAINA insulation effect

February 13 15 Views

GAINA insulation effect 

GAINA effectively suppresses the heat transfer by combining the 4 mechanisms of a special ceramic layer rather than relying solely on the reflective performance of the coating like the general thermal insulation paint

Four mechanisms:

(1) High Reflectance

  ・90% reflection of near infrared ray from heat source

  ・It reflects heat rays and suppresses heat generation  on the coated surface

(2) High Heat Dissipation

  ・Radiate 65% of the heat to far infrared rays 

(3) Low Thermal Conductivity

  ・Suppress the invasion of heat by extremely low thermal conductivity Thermal conductivity : 0.03

(4) Small Ratio Heat Volume

  ・Small heat volume ratio in the air

  ・Do not accumulate thermal energy

  ・Heat is deprived merely by airflow that reduces temperature