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Measures against heat Heat insulation

February 13 11 Views

Measures against heat Heat insulation

About effect

Apply heat to the exterior to block heat

Applying Guyna to the outside of the building will effectively reflect the sunlight and reduce the heat that causes the building to become hot in summer. When exposed to sunlight, the surface of the coating film will immediately reach a high temperature and emit a large amount of far infrared rays in the incident direction. By positively returning heat to the high temperature side by far infrared radiation, the flow of heat to the low temperature side is further reduced.

Apply to the interior to enhance the cooling effect

If you apply GAINA to the interior, the difference between the cool air of the air conditioner and the temperature of the coating surface of GAINA will be reduced at the same time when you turn on the air conditioner, and heat transfer will be minimized. This function can enhance the cooling effect of the air conditioner.

Temperature effect example

Type factory
area Yamanashi Prefecture
Construction location Folded plate roof (2838m2) N-95
Shooting date September 2008 13: 00
Outside temperature 33 ℃ (JMA announcement)

Comparison of unconstructed / gaina construction locations with thermography