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Measures against odors Deodorization and air quality improvement

February 13 14 Views

Measures against odors Deodorization and air quality improvement

About effect

Generally, pollutants such as dust, dust, and pollen in the air float in the air because the substances carry positive electricity and repel in the air. The surface of the coating film of Guyna is made of a special ceramic and efficiently radiates far infrared rays (far infrared emissivity: 94.6%). The characteristic of far infrared rays is that they violently vibrate water molecules. When the far-infrared rays emitted from the coating of Guyna hit a water molecule in the air, it vibrates violently and makes it fine, and it becomes negatively ionized. This negatively ionized water binds to floating pollutants and suppresses their floating, effectively exerting deodorant and air quality improving effects. In addition, these pollutants adhere to the walls and ceiling of the room by charging, but due to the "charging property 0.0" of the coating of Guyna, it becomes difficult for the pollutants to adhere.

4.29 times

Air quality improvement case

Type Toilet in the park
Area Tokyo
Construction location Ceiling / Inner wall Since 2000, local residents have volunteered to run a GAINA on the interior of a park toilet for the purposes of aesthetics and deodorization.
  • The room became bright
  • Less unpleasant odor peculiar to public toilets
  • The dirt came off immediately and cleaning became easier
  • There is no graffiti because it is clean
  • I am happy because it became a comfortable toilet

It has been demonstrated that GAINA has the property of suppressing the floating of odorants, but there are individual differences in how the actual deodorizing effect is felt. Therefore, we do not guarantee the effect equally to all customers.