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Noise countermeasures Sound insulation and soundproofing

February 13 14 Views

Noise countermeasures Sound insulation and soundproofing

About effect

The coating of Guyna is composed of multiple layers of spheres containing air in a high-density (material density: 5) special ceramic. Sound is reflected by this special ceramic and has a structure that repeats attenuation with air. In addition, the sound that has entered the inside of the coating due to the effect of the special ceramic layer that is multi-layered inside the coating reduces the vibration and reduces the sound.

Sound insulation and soundproofing

Type Apartment (rental apartment)
Area Hachioji City, Tokyo
Construction location Interior of Room 105 (ceiling / wall) Exclusive area 20m 2 Floor plan 1K
Method of verification Sound is generated on the upper floor (Room 205) and dB is measured with a sound level meter
Generated sound Spoon (fall), ball (fall), music on CD, vacuum cleaner, sound from toilet
Unpainted Immediately after painting After gaina drying Gaina effect (average)
Normal times 28-30 dB 29 to 31 dB 28-30 dB
spoon 60 to 63 dB 53 to 57 dB 55 to 56 dB 7 dB
ball 45 to 48 dB 40-60 dB 36 to 48 dB 8 dB
CD 45 to 48 dB 37 to 42 dB 37-40 dB 8 dB
Vacuum cleaner 43 to 45 dB 45 to 46 dB 41 to 43 dB 2 dB
toilet 45 to 48 dB 43 to 45 dB 36 to 38 dB 9.5 dB
  • Life sound is reduced by approximately 8 dB
  • More effective after drying the gina
  • I was surprised at the effect of GAINA, which is effective even if it is not applied to both sides of the upper and lower floors !