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UV protection Longer building life

February 13 14 Views

UV protection Longer building life

About effect

Due to the characteristics of Guina, the life of a building can be extended

Guina, which has a multilayered ceramic that is the strongest against ultraviolet rays, has a durability that is 2-3 times that of ordinary paints, and also has heat insulation and heat shielding performance. This helps minimize expansion and contraction of the building. The durability against ultraviolet rays is evaluated by the ultraviolet absorption rate.

Absorption rate
Ultra fine particle titanium oxide (sunscreen cream) 87-90%
Carbon black (tires, electric wires, etc.) 95 to -97%
Gaina 93-95%
Acid resistance No cracks, peeling, cloudiness, discoloration
Alkali resistance Same as above
Adhesive strength After acid resistance 0.57
After anticorrosion 0.69
Near infrared reflectance 780 ~ 2100nm Standard curing (1 week) 89.5%
2000 hours after xenon combined cycle test (equivalent to 14 years) 87.1%

It is also used for ships in harsh environments

It continues to withstand strong ultraviolet rays (about 4 times that of Japan) just below the equator, salt damage and high temperatures caused by seawater.