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Far infrared from GAINA makes you feel warmer in winter.

​Just by coating GAINA on the interior wall and ceiling, the temperature inside was raised by insulation effect and plus far infrared from the ceramic makes you feel warmer than actual temperature.

​Long lasting performance

In Summer, the temperature in 2nd floor decreased by 15°C . The number of air conditioning unit reduced from 4 to 2. Total cost savings is about 8.2 million yen over 10 years.

​Energy saving of refrigerated warehouse

​Greatly reduced refrigeration load required to maintain the indoor temperature of the warehouse. Renewal of electricity contract by cutting peak load.From 1815kw > 1600kw Energy cost savings is about 7.4 million Yen over 2 years

​Car carrier

Even sailing across the equator under severe conditions with temperature between -60°C(cold region) to 60°C(hot region) for 5 years, GAINA coating doesn't need to be repaint and its performance is still well. The temperature under the deck went down dramatically

World Heritage (Todaiji Temple Museum)

Designed cultural properties must be stored in an environment where temperature and humidity are strictly controlled. GAINA has been used for such purpose.

​Empirical study (Tokyo metropolitan university)

Summer 26.7%
Winter 21.6%